About Us

Synaptent is a firm dedicated to the mission of developing and commercializing breakthrough products and services that enhance cognition.

We identify the most promising research in the field of neuroscience and cognitive enhancement, and develop this research into the highest quality and most effective real-world solutions that benefit customers.

Our mission is simple – we want to help people of all ages, from all places, achieve their fullest potential, by bringing into the world the best and newest tools to support creativity, memory, focus and cognitive fitness.

Headquartered in Chicago, we are a US startup led by two entrepreneurs who have previously founded and spun off a number of profitable companies, and who have over a decade of combined experience in the ethnobotanical and cognitive products industry. We benefit from strong business relationships and partnerships with R&D organizations and researchers at the leading edge of cognitive enhancement science worldwide.

As the body of knowledge we face is continually renewed and expanded; as the learning curve steepens and competition intensifies; so waxes our striving for rapid comprehension, for sharper focus, for cognitive edge.We at Synaptent passionately believe that our future depends on our brains. More than ever before, our lives, our careers, our entire world hinges on breakthrough creativity, incisive analysis, lucid memory, resiliant mood.
As advances in medicine allow us to live longer; to stay healthier and extend our physical well-being into unprecedented decades; so grows the desire to retain a sharp and flexible mind apace with our ability to repair our bodies.Are we born with these capacities fixed at certain levels? Are they set in place by primary school, after which we must content ourselves with our allotted endowment of cognitive prowess and manage our mental limitations?
As technology surges forward ever faster; uncovering vast new frontiers and creating intricately interconnected systems; so mounts the novelty and complexity of the challenges we face, individual and global.We at Synaptent passionately believe that cutting edge science has as much potential to help support the reach, the power, and the capacity of our minds as it does to treat diseases of the body.
Will we be up to the test?And perhaps, even to extend.

“What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end”

Friedrich Nietzsche